Grigory Belonuchkin

Some pages, mostly in Russian, but not only.
  • Russia: general information - Eng
  • English-language site in Geocities, including
  • Russian Regional Leaders Elections: 1996; 1997; 1998
  • Russian Presidential Elections - 1996. Links collection
  • Russian Presidential Elections-1996: Official results (Last recounted in 1998)
  • Russian Elections Results: 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996
  • General Alexander Lebed. Links collection - bilingual
  • How to abolish capital punishment in Russia
  • Some words in English about russian-language site POLITIKA


    Born: 1968.
    Graduated: Moscow State Institute of International Relations (1993).
    Preferences: Pepsi; Kvass; IBM-compatible; Netscape.
    Languages: Russian (native), English (so-so), French (a little).
    Political affiliation: Brownian movement (always); Subtropical Russia movement (since 1993); Beer Lovers Party (since 1994).

    Since 1989 worked at MBIO (Moscow Bureau of Information Interchange, a non-formal organization that collected Samizdat and studied new parties and social movements of former USSR) and at MBIO's newspaper 'Panorama'.
    Since 1990-91, after MBIO division continued work in all its parts: in the Institute for Humanities and Political Studies [win|koi] (headed by V.Igrunov) as a researcher and in Panorama Information and Expert Group (headed by V.Pribylovsky), mostly as a parliamentary correspondent.

    Author of several reference-books concerning Russian media and Bodies of power (in Russian), published by Information and Expert Group 'Panorama'.

    • 99 gazet (1991, 1992);
    • Federal'noe Sobranie pervogo sozyva (six editions: 1994, 1995, 1996);
    • Pravitel'stvo Rossii i federalnye organy ispolnitel'noi vlasti (1995);
    • Konstitutsionnyi Sud (together with K.Katanian & M.Balutenko, two editions, 1995, 1997);
    • Vybory-95 (three editions, 1995);
    • Novaya Gosudarstvennaia Duma nakanune pervoi sessii (1996);
    • Deputaty Gosudarstvennoi Dumy (1996) - electronic version here;
    • Federal'noe Sobranie (two editions: March, December 1996);
    • Itogi vyborov 17 dekabria 1995 po regionam;
    • Navstrechu prezidentskim vyboram: kalendar' vyborov, telefony kandidatov i izbirkomov, zakony o vyborah Prezidenta i vstuplenii ego v dolzhnost'.
    Some books are available in electronic version in the Internet. Paper versions in Russia - Panorama Information and Expert Group ; anywhere in the world - Panorama of Russia, USA, Mezhdunarodnaya kniga or East View Publications.
    POST ADDRESS: Russia 119019, Moscow G-19, a/ya 86.

    E-MAIL: diogen@peshehod.org